About Us

Welcome to 3RD EDHUM

Doesn't Every Solution rise through a problem? Ours was clear, helping people through learning.

Our inception was motivated by a single goal: to assist individuals & organisations via the power of learning. We witnessed a dramatic shift in the landscape of human capital enhancement as a result of our experiences partnering on skill development with a varied spectrum of large to medium-sized organisations. It became clear that unleashing genuine potential in harmony with organisational goals was critical.

The origin of 3RD EDHUM can be traced back to a devoted group of individuals from many fields - educators, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts - all united by a common vision. Our group's objective was to bridge the gap between traditional learning methodologies and the dynamic demands of the modern day.


The conviction that every individual has the right to fully explore their potential, assisted by innovative learning and introspection, is central to our culture. As a result, we set out to create an environment where learning is not only accessible but also malleable and properly customized to each individual's unique journey.


Join us on this transforming journey, where 3RD EDHUM is the epitome of accessible, flexible, and personalized learning. The intersection of aspiration, ingenuity, and determination affects the way we learn, allowing for limitless growth and self-discovery.

What Do We Do?

Our work at 3RD EDHUM goes beyond that of a training provider. We are a thriving community that brings together learners and professionals, creating a constant ripple effect in the field of adult learning.


Our offerings include a wide choice of expertly curated high-quality courses and workshops developed by industry leaders. These programmes range from developing management and interpersonal skills to exploring creative arts and personal development. Each module reflects our commitment to broad growth and long-term impact.


For powerful and relevant outcomes, we reinvent learning as a personalised journey that resonates uniquely with individual and corporate needs. Concepts are readily translated into real-world circumstances, providing individuals and organisations with agility and effective problem-solving capabilities.

Our Unique Approach to Learning and Development

How We Do It?

At the heart of 3RD EDHUM's ethos lies a unique approach to learning and development, meticulously designed to foster holistic growth and enduring impact

Customized Learning Journeys

At 3RD EDHUM, learning is not a uniform experience, but a tailored journey. With a profound understanding of individual and corporate needs, 3RD EDHUM meticulously crafts programs that resonate uniquely, ensuring that each pursuit is relevant and impactful.

Expertise and Innovation Unite

In the 3RD EDHUM ethos, expertise meets innovation. A cadre of seasoned educators, industry specialists, and visionaries coalesce to curate learning landscapes that seamlessly blend time-honoured practices with cutting-edge insights, resulting in an education that is not only informed but transformative.

Engagement as the Keystone

Learning transcends passive reception at 3RD EDHUM. The philosophy hinges on active engagement, with immersive workshops, interactive sessions, and dynamic activities that transform theoretical knowledge into tangible skills, fostering a deep-rooted understanding.

Application to Real-world Contexts

For 3RD EDHUM, the litmus test of learning lies in its application. Concepts taught are translated into real-world scenarios, ensuring individuals and organizations are equipped to tackle challenges with acumen, agility, and effectiveness.

Holistic Nurturing

Beyond cultivating skills, 3RD EDHUM embraces holistic development. The programs extend beyond mere professional prowess, touching on personal growth, leadership, communication, and mindset, resulting in a comprehensive and multifaceted transformation.

Whom We Cater?

Individual Contributors - Our Fuelers

We cater to individual contributors, recognizing their vital role as the driving force behind our progress, igniting success with their dedication and expertise.

The Sales Force - Our Frontline Commanders

Our offerings cater to the sales force, valuing their pivotal role as frontline commanders who lead the charge, forge connections, and drive growth through their unwavering commitment.

Backbone - Operations & Service

Our services are designed for the backbone of operations and service teams. We ensure seamless execution and exceptional service, forming the bedrock of commitment to excellence.

Managers - Our Drivers

We serve managers, acknowledging their role as drivers who navigate teams towards efficiency and success, steering through challenges with strategic finesse.

Leadership - Our Thinkers

Our focus extends to leadership, recognizing them as the thinkers who spearhead innovation, strategic direction, and guide the organization to new heights.

HR Professionals - Our Enablers

Our offerings cater to HR professionals, acknowledging their pivotal role as enablers. They cultivate a culture of growth, development, and collaboration, forming the foundation of our organization's success.

What’s So different About Us?

Our organisation recognises that true learning is not limited to just understanding theoretical concepts. It also involves overcoming challenges, building confidence, and driving results. That's why we design our programs on the principles of positive psychology, to emphasise creating an environment that fosters collaboration, interactions, and a growth mindset. We believe that by providing a space for individuals to interact and engage with one another, they can learn more effectively and gain a deeper understanding of the material. Our programs are designed to be interactive, hands-on, and engaging, with a focus on learning by doing. In addition, we measure our success by the level of satisfaction our learners feel towards us. We strive to establish ourselves as a people-first organisation, where individuals are valued and their needs are prioritised.

Manmeet Singh Founder

Discover the Distinctiveness of 3RD EDHUM

Customization Redefined

3RD EDHUM's hallmark is customization that transcends boundaries. Its learning solutions are not templated; they are bespoke experiences meticulously crafted to align precisely with the aspirations and needs of each individual and organization.

Expert-led Enlightenment

The 3RD EDHUM team comprises luminaries and experts, each a torchbearer in their respective fields. This collective wisdom provides learners with an education that is enriched with practical insights and real-world relevance.

Practicality as the Guiding Light

The bridge from theory to practice is steadfastly constructed by 3RD EDHUM. The education imparts actionable strategies, enabling immediate implementation and measurable impact in professional and personal spheres.

A Continuum of Evolution

3RD EDHUM, much like the dynamic landscape it thrives in, never rests. Its methodologies and offerings consistently evolve, aligning with the ever-changing demands of the learning and development landscape.
Experience Transformation with 3RD EDHUM

3RD EDHUM is not just a conduit for learning; it's a realm of empowerment, innovation, and growth. Engage with a partner that values personalization, embraces expertise, and ignites practical application. Embark on a journey that traverses beyond knowledge acquisition to profound transformation, guided by 3RD EDHUM’s unwavering dedication to your success.


For Corporates

Forward-Thinking Organizations

3RD EDHUM emerges as the quintessential partner for enterprises characterized by their forward-thinking approach. It complements the ethos of organizations that embrace innovation, change, and progress as vital components of their DNA.

Cultivating Leadership Excellence

3RD EDHUM's resonance with leadership teams is resounding. Its meticulous leadership development programs serve as incubators for sharpening strategic acumen, fostering impactful decision-making, and cultivating leaders capable of steering organizations through complexity.

Igniting Innovation

Organizations desiring to foster an innovation-driven culture find a kindred spirit in 3RD EDHUM. Its workshops are crucibles for igniting creativity, nurturing problem-solving skills, and imbuing teams with the ability to envision novel solutions.

Enhancing Performance Metrics

For entities with performance optimization at their core, 3RD EDHUM's specialized training solutions serve as catalysts. Designed with precision, these programs elevate efficiency, bolster productivity, and elevate overall performance metrics across operational domains.

Enabling Employee Engagement

3RD EDHUM's offerings resonate seamlessly with entities prioritizing employee engagement. The result: programs that foster job satisfaction, augment retention rates, and ultimately nurture a motivated workforce poised for greater achievements.

For Individuals

Epitome of Lifelong Learning

3RD EDHUM is a sanctuary for individuals who embody the essence of lifelong learners. Its rich repertoire of resources, workshops, and courses is a haven for those driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a commitment to perpetual self-improvement.

Guiding Transitions

In an era defined by transitions, 3RD EDHUM serves as a guiding light. Its offerings provide individuals with the tools necessary to navigate career changes, embrace new roles, and excel in uncharted territories with poise.

Elevating Career Trajectories

For those charting ambitious career trajectories, 3RD EDHUM is the compass to success. Its meticulously crafted programs equip individuals with the competencies and insights needed to navigate their way through complex professional landscapes.

Championing Personal Development

3RD EDHUM's programs are transformative. Designed to enhance communication finesse, amplify confidence, & nurture a constructive mindset, they lay the foundation for comprehensive accomplishments.

Embrace the Journey with 3RD EDHUM

Boundaries blur when it comes to learning and development with 3RD EDHUM. Whether an organization seeking to elevate its prowess or an individual pursuing holistic growth, the solutions offered resonate with diverse aspirations. Embark on a voyage of transformation and empowerment, guided by a partner committed to unlocking potential and propelling success.